Released: 2012/2013

Publisher: Appy Entertainment, Inc.

Platforms: iOS, Android

My Role: Co-Founder, Creative Visual Director

Appy was co-founded by: Chris Ulm, Paul O'Connor, Emmanuel Valdez, Rick Olafsson, Marc-Antoine Argenton, and myself.

Animal Legends was inspired by the success we had with Spellcraft: School of Magic.

I specifically was responsible for the generation of a large inventory of items that could be purchased including weapons, gear, and buildings. 

This also included a large number of assets such as the ten heroes and dozens of enemy animal combatants, custom designed gear sets unique to each hero, and 16 different buildings.

Careful work was done in building detailed templates and outsourcing reference packets that left little to chance or interpretation, while working with talented internal and external artist to maintain the consistent look, high polish and quality level.

The visual DNA had to be appropriate for the market space we were aiming for, and integrate smoothly with a new art and animation pipeline, specific to the scaling of this game.