Released: 2011

Publisher: Appy Entertainment, Inc.

Platforms: iOS, Android

My Role: Co-Founder, Creative Visual Director

Appy was co-founded by: Chris Ulm, Paul O'Connor, Emmanuel Valdez, Rick Olafsson, Marc-Antoine Argenton, and myself.

Spellcraft: School of Magic featured RPG elements with CCG stye gameplay and had a free-to-play design focus from the start of production. 

The visual DNA development required creating an IP that appealed to both genders, a range of players types, and set it apart from the field.

The art challenges ranged from creating a large number of monster card art, customizable wizardry wardrobe and gear, a strong and friendly UI, and the development of a scalable art pipeline that could consistently and accurately create art assets that could be plugged into featured and ambient animations.

A large part of my responsibilities on this project included maintaining style and quality consistency, as well as coordination and management of external groups along with our small in-house team of artists.