Released: 2007

Distributor: Fox

Development Studio: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.

My Role: Concept Artist

I was brought in to explore once again new takes on what a veteran Predator would look like.   This was the Wolf Predator, as tough as they come, had seen a lot of action that had left the history of his hunts scarred on his body and personality.

Along with designing newWolf Predator tools and equipment, a unique opportunity had presented itself for a new predator weapon that had not been scripted yet.  In sketch form I suggested a whip, and apparently it was a popular concept so it made it into the final film.

I also got a chance to develop designs for a brand new creature and the star of the film: the Predalien.

The Predalien was a Predator/Alien hybrid, so a lot of work was done by many talented artists to explore the variety and varying degrees of DNA mixing for this creature.  The final design was an Amalgamated distillations by Tom and Alec, into a cohesive design.