Released: Not Released 2014

Publisher: Warner Bros. Games

Platforms: PC/Steam

My Role: Creative Visual Director

Warner Bros. had asked Appy to reinvent for them  RAMPAGE, from their 80's treasure chest of arcade hits.  Our team of 12 developed the fully realized and functioning playable prototype in 6 months.

Rampage X is a fun fueled mayhem and destruction filled romp through a fully destructible and interactive environment. If you could touch it you could destroy it or use it to destroy!

The visual DNA we developed for it was hyper-real, based on stop motion animated movies,  with characters, environments and props with exaggerated proportions and real-ish textures and material qualities.

To give it it's own unique look, we juxtaposed the fun cartoony violence and destruction, against a colorful, richly set dressed world, with lighting that made it feel more like a contemporary animated feature.

We always had a very dedicated development team at APPY, and this was a real labor of love.

I want to call out Billy King for helping us with some of the production art that was needed to make this project possible.  The Helicopter design you see on this page was just one of the many beautiful and skillful designs he provided for this production.