Created: 2016

My Role: Creative Visual Fan

This was purely a piece of Fan Art that I created after going to BlizzCon for the first time ever in 2016.

I met with an old friend Justin Thavirat, Sr Art Director at Blizzard, and he introduced me to the top creative and production brass on W.O.W.

Needless to say after the experience I was moved to make this piece.  I developed a whole story for it and the elevator pitch was:  It's basically an unlikely partnership between two enemies to pull off an impossible and deadly heist.  Except the heist is not a thing but a who.  Imagine Ocean's 11 with an incredible cast of familiar and new W.O.W. characters.

My favorite creation for this piece was designing and creating W.O.W.'s first black character.  But if you ask my kids, their favorites are the two warrior mice, who have the heart of lions but have no idea they are only 4 inches tall.

On a technical note, I created the piece on a 31 by 53 inch roll of Home Depot brown paper. I'm a huge fan of Drew Struzan, and I used his style of visual story telling and composition to inspire this layout. The whole piece was done in black and white Prisma pencil along with black and white acrylic paint.