Released: 2005

Published by Capcom (North America), Ubisoft (Europe)

Platforms: Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox

My Role: Co-Creator, VP, Creative Visual Director

Darkwatch was the first game developed internally at High Moon Studios.  My duties included establishing the art style, as well as to help hire talent and develop the concept art, storyboard, cinematic and 3D art teams. I co-created the original concept for the game along with Chris Ulm, Emmanuel Valdez, and Paul O’Connor. 

It was the first time I had the opportunity to help build a development studio from scratch, including making decisions for the physical design of the studio, as well as hiring responsibilities, and close collaboration with the other studio directors to establish a creative and productive company vision and culture.

Darkwatch is a first person shooter based on an original intellectual property.  It was a mashup of Westerns and Vampire themes. The game revolved around the Darkwatch organization, a secret society that has protected humanity for thousand of years against evil.

The visual DNA evolved into a Gothic Old West with a horror setting.  It's not where it started and you'll see some of the visual evolution in the posted images.

The Darkwatch organization style was defined by bladed, fanged, metal details, and the idea that the Darkwatch would use every bit of a slain vampire to supercharge their weapons, vehicles and gear, as the Native Americans once used every part of the buffalo. 

The enemies were designed around classic Old West villains such as banditos, gunslingers, and outlaws but with a blood sucker influence.

I collaborated closely with the cinematic group, game director, and chief creative officer on the trailer, pre-rendered interstitials using in-game assets, and high fidelity pre-rendered movies using hi-res art assets built especially for these movies.

A lot of talented and dedicated developers are responsible for the development of this unique and fun first person shooter.