Released: Not released 2014

Publisher: Activision/Blizzard.

Platforms: TBD

My Role: Creative Visual Director

This was the highly anticipated sequel to Darkwatch.  The team explored and developed the Darkwatch into a near-future dystopian world where vampires had nearly taken over the whole world.

Jericho had been pulled back into the fight for a very personal cause.

A much larger, richer and deeper world had been imagined and visualized.  Even more souped up and supercharged weapons, vehicles, enemies and reasons to get into a doomed battle against the blood suckers.

I'm able to show you only a few key images from the preproduction.  The Darkwatch Hellion is designed for combat against the vampires, and it is specifically built out of a super strong silver alloy. The vehicle features a deadly glowing cross on each of it's faces, including the undercarriage. Nearly every exposed edge is sharpened for maximum damage. The Infernal Engine is fueled by high octane vampire blood.  The Hellion's only purpose is to KILL blood suckers.

I hope your imagination fills in the rest.