ODDWORLD: Munch's Oddysee

Released: 2001

Published by Microsoft

Platforms: Xbox

My Role: Sr. Production Designer

Munch was Oddworld's 3rd game, it was it's first fully 3D game, and it introduced it's 2nd hero: Munch.

Once again, while working closely with Lorne Lanning, my main responsibilities included overseeing the further exploration and visual development of the world, managing the concept department, working closely with the art team, working with the cinematics group on all the cinematics, and ensuring the companies highest art standards were met across all departments.

I'm proud to say I co-created Much with Loren Lanning and I'm grateful for the opportunity for that close collaboration.

On this page you'll see the Queen characters.  Most species on Oddworld were superspecies like bees or ants, meaning they were matriarchal and usually had a Queen.  Mudokons and Glukkons both had Queens of sorts. These Queens were sadly cut from the final game and narrative, but they were a fun and rich part of the Oddworld lore.

One of the many aspect of my job that was personally gratifying was being able to put to good use my traditional sculpting and model making skills.  I was able to sculpt the main characters in clay, which we then had laser scanned for the highest possible fidelity and accuracy to the 2D concepts.

It was a real pleasure to work at Oddword, to learn from the best, and to form lifelong friendships.