Released: Not released 2014

Publisher: Appy Entertainment, Inc.

Platforms: iOS, Android

My Role: Co-Founder, Creative Visual Director

Appy was co-founded by: Chris Ulm, Paul O'Connor, Emmanuel Valdez, Rick Olafsson, Marc-Antoine Argenton, and myself.

Spellcraft 2: Magic University was the planned sequel combining features developed for Animal Legends and designed to be a fuller free-to-play experience.

We visually expanded on the magical world of Spellcraft through the exploration of the grounds, hidden dungeons and caverns.

We also pushed for higher polish, increasing the shear content of characters, environments, magic FX, animations, and simplifying a more complex UI required for the deeper team combat experience.

We adapted the template driven, modular and scaleable art pipeline from Animal Legends to handle the expanded scope.  Our template system allowed for precise sharing of gear and animations.